About Christy Mitropoulos Ministries


Christy Mitropoulos is a passionate woman of God, bold about proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom. Her ministry began in 1984 when she married Angelo Mitropoulos. They started traveling together, preaching the Gospel all over the Untied States. They were married 26 years, and when Angelo went to be with Jesus in 2010, Christy continued in ministry, serving first as an associate pastor in a local church in Tulsa then as founder and senior pastor of The Journey Place in Tulsa until December of 2015 when she sold her home and stepped down from her pastorate to move to Arkansas to be close to her daughters. 

Christy is now traveling and preaching, as well as ministering daily to her online audience with her study of Dr. Jim Richards’ book Moving Your Invisible Boundaries.

Having experienced a heart awakening herself and discovering the keys that unlock the mysteries of the heart of man, Christy is now passing on that revelation to other believers by helping them discover the riches of their inheritance in Christ and teaching them how to apply God’s Word to their individual lives.

Ministering the truth of the New Covenant with boldness, Christy brings to life the simplicity of the Gospel through her transparency in ministry, and shows believers how to connect with God in their own hearts and see His promises manifest.